Interior residential painting continues to evolve, creating many new ways to elevate ordinary spaces into something extraordinary. While some classic trends remain relevant today, many people are embracing completely new ones to change up their living spaces.

So, are you looking for the hottest trends in interior residential painting? In this article, we will discuss some painting trends that you should know! If you’re interested, keep reading!

1. Embrace Vibrant Hues

Are you tired of the same old dull colors in your home? Vibrant colors are what you need to transform your space! Despite the rise of minimalism and simpler interior designs, many people still choose to use rich, colorful paints for their living spaces.

You can give your space a more lively, attractive look with the help of vibrant colors, enhancing the energy of those who live in your home.

2. Choose Serene Neutral Colors

Looking for a way to find peace and serenity at home? Neutral colors are the perfect fit if you desire to create a sanctuary for you and your family! Colors like white, gray, and beige exude elegance and peace in any room. In fact, these neutral colors have never gone out of style, and many still choose them due to their simplicity and sophistication.

Additionally, these colors, such as soft whites, gentle grays, and soothing beiges, offer a versatile palette that compliments any design, whether contemporary or traditional.

3. Bring Nature Closer

With the continuous evolution of the internet, gadgets, and technology, many are trying to get closer to nature. But how can you get close to nature in a busy concrete jungle? Earthy tones are the answer! It’s time to return to your roots and add a touch of nature to your living space.

Generally, you can use warm browns, soft greens, and sandy tones to create a calm environment. In fact, you can create a room that feels like a forest with the proper use of earthy tones.

4. Make an Impact With Statement Walls

Every home should have a wall that stands out from everything else. Generally, this is where statement walls come in. You would want to highlight areas where the eyes are easily drawn to. This can be walls with fireplaces or other design features. Avoid doors and windows because they can affect the vibe you’re trying to make.

Using patterns, textures, and accent colors is essential when making a statement wall since these can further enhance their visual features. Additionally, your statement wall can be a completely different color from your other walls or have a unique material. Surely, a properly designed statement wall can add attractiveness and energy to your space, so think it through!

5. The Magic of Two-Tone

The two-tone trend has taken the painting scene by storm, allowing homeowners to unleash their creativity and add a captivating twist to their spaces. Embracing the power of contrast, this technique involves combining two different colors on walls, trims, and even ceilings, resulting in a visually striking and dynamic vibe.

Additionally, two-tone painting offers endless possibilities to enhance and elevate a space, whether you choose complementary colors that harmonize or contrasting colors that make a bold statement.

It’s Time to Paint!

With these residential interior painting trends in mind, you will be able to create the best space that fully reflects your unique personality and style.

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